Leadership Training – The Ranger Team Leadership Program

The Ranger Team Leadership Course is our premier experiential workshop. Managers learn to lead by leading. Really leading. They must work through challenging scenarios often with limited resources and under high pressure / high stress where teammates are counting on them to succeed! This video is a great preview of the off-site workshop.

“Rangers Lead the Way – The Army Rangers’ Guide To Leading Your Organization Through Chaos”

Teaches you how to lead with confidence, communicate with purpose, and build high-performance teams that will give you the advantage on today’s Business Battlefield.


In Rangers Lead the Way, authors Dean Hohl, founder of Leading Concepts, and Maryann Karinch show how to adapt the Rangers’ battle-proven Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication principles to your organization and generate incredible results quickly!

Rangers Lead The Way provides simple strategies, tools, and techniques that you can apply immediately to achieve your objectives and hone your mental toughness.

$14.95 plus shipping and handling