Merger Integration

Mergers & Acquisitions: Staff Integration

When two companies merge it’s like two worlds colliding.

You want that collision to result in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Yet what is the most common reaction of employees after a merger or acquisition? Confusion and ‘shell shock’. This is a critical time period to get everyone on the same page. You need to get this right. Do it right and 96 hours of staff integration training from Leading Concepts can save you 96 months of frustration. How do we know this? We’ve done it before. Our merger integration workshops are designed to have staff get to know each other while respecting each others strengths and weaknesses. We can design a special program that is based on your unique situation.

Merger integration consulting is one of our specialties.  We help management and staff to integrate into a new or combined entity while keeping a high morale and strong teamwork.

Let us help you fast-track the integration of your enterprises the right way!