Leadership Training Scholarship

Leading Concepts provides two types of leadership course scholarships: individual and organizational.

Individual Leadership Training Scholarship:
We provide full tuition for qualified individuals to attend our core Ranger Leadership Course. Our leadership courses are totally unique ‘leadership immersion’ workshop experiences that provide a fun way to learn team leadership skills in a short amount of time. Unlike most leadership courses our leadership training takes place primarily in the great outdoors over an intense 5-day period. During the course you will learn and master our time-tested TLC (Teamwork, Leadership, Communication) method of leading elite teams. You will alternate by being a member of a team and learning to lead the team on missions. We will brief and de-brief you and your team on what went right and areas of improvement. With this open and focused method your leadership and communications skills will soar to new heights. For many it will be unlike any experience you have ever had and the results could last a lifetime. This is a skill builder, resume-builder, and career-builder in the area of military style leadership training for civilians unlike any other available.

We are looking for qualified individuals to grant our leadership training scholarship for an upcoming class. Our scholarship will cover course training, materials, room and board. If you are selected you will only need to pay for travel to-from our course meeting point in Lexington, Kentucky.

This scholarship is open to anyone who meets these criteria:

  • 18 Years old or older
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Physically fit and able
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Able to pay for your transport to/from the course in Kentucky
  • No criminal record
  • High School or college graduate

Considerations for Applicants:
Applicants who meet the above criteria will be judged based on these factors:

  • Your background
  • Your reason(s) for wanting this scholarship
  • Your willingness to participate in a case study or video about your experience
  • Your ability to promote this page on social media


How to Apply to our Leadership Scholarship:

  • Tells us about yourself and why you are interested (1-3 pages)
  • Tell us how you intend to promote your experience before and after the course
  • Send the above information via snail mail to our mailing address


Attention Military Veterans

Based on our roots as military veterans we are particularly partial to military veterans who would like to either transition into the civilian workforce or take their leadership skills to the next level. If you have experience in the military you will Love our training because it is familiar to you. However, it is much less rigid than you may be used to since our focus is on developing civilian leaders so we take the best elements of the military and leave the rest. If you are coming off of active duty this course is a great opportunity to have fun, meet people,and fast-track your professional career.

We encourage you to apply to the Leading Concepts Leadership Training Scholarship and share this page on social media with your friends!