Leading Concepts as an organization dates back to 1994 when we began training executives on the leadership skills we had learned in the U.S. military. The founders of Leading Concepts trace their experience back to their training in the military as U.S. Army Rangers who had to parachute into Panama to topple a dictator. We realized then what we know now – if used properly the lessons we learned as part of an elite military team could be put to use in Any team leadership experience to enable that team to reach its objectives faster and more effectively.
The origin of this style of training dates back even further. During the early 1700s in the United States a British soldier named Major Robert Rogers formed an infantry unit that became known as Roger’s Rangers. This group of light infantry had to be fast on its feet and work effectively to conduct special operations in small teams. They became quite famous and remarkably the ’19 standing orders’ he wrote in 1759 are still referred to today. To learn more about how the U.S. Army Rangers came about see full history of U.S. Army Rangers here.
Over the years Leading Concepts has combined its Ranger origins with the best practices of other special forces teams as well as practical business strategies. The end result is a type of training that is unlike any other. We know you may not be facing real enemies on a battlefield, but we know for sure we can help you succeed on the business battlefield by equipping you with training and concepts you can use and re-use for many years.