Leadership and Team Building Services:

Ranger Leadership Course

It’s 4-days, off-site, and intense! Ranger Team-Leadership is our core workshop. The course is conducted off-site where the 300-acre “classroom” is demanding, challenging, and intentionally remote. There are no outside distractions. For 96 hours, between our evidence based curriculum and our specialized experiential activities, you or your staff will learn to lead…by leading.

Ranger Advanced Leadership Course

* Only for Ranger Team Leadership alumni that want to further develop their team leadership effectiveness.

Training Workshops – Ranger Rally Points

Insightful, Unique, Fun, Engaging: When you want to inspire, develop, and educate a group of associates at the location of your choice for one hour or a full day.

Custom Design / Consulting

Looking for something custom designed that is not part of our standard offerings? Call us. We will customize any of our programs to fit your organization’s specific needs and culture.

Leadership Coaching & Speaking

Leadership Coaching, Key Note speaking



Great team-building and communication seminar. The interaction among the team members was great! The mix of classroom material and field work was also helpful. This certainly provides the opportunity to gain perspective on things that should be appreciated in this business.
–Scott Redwine, Skyline Chili