Charity Work

Leading Concepts is a learning organization and a giving one too. We believe in giving back to our communities and we support worthwhile causes whenever we are able. Many of our charities are oriented toward helping U.S. military veterans since most of our staff have served in the armed forces. A partial list of these charities is located at the bottom of this page.

We also provide fully and partially sponsored courses that are open to ALL individuals who would like to learn leadership and teamwork from Leading Concepts but are unable to afford the tuition. See below to learn how you can apply.

Educational Scholarships / Sponsorships
Leading Concepts sponsors organizations and individuals to take our courses.
We sponsor 1 student per public course. This is essentially a several thousand dollar ‘scholarship’.

Organizational Scholarships:
For organizations that would like to receive complimentary or partially funded courses please contact us to discuss your organizations unique needs.

Individual Scholarships:
If you would like to apply to receive a complimentary course please mail us (yes, snail mail) a 1-3 page letter stating why you should be considered.

Wounded Warrior Project:
One of our favorite charities is the Wounded Warrior Project. This charity supports veterans who have been wounded in action and the families of those vets.

If you would like to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project follow this link:
Donate to Wounded Warrior Project

The USO is a 74 year-old non-profit that is dedicated to helping our troops. This charity has a very comprehensive role which ranges from setting up events at bases around the world that boost morale to helping troops transition to life back home. This is a wonderful organization with a long history of supporting America’s troops. To learn more about the USO follow this link: About the USO

To donate to the USO follow this link: Donate to the USO

The Warrior Dog Foundation
Dogs are not only man’s best friend at home – they are often man’s best friend on the battlefield too. In times of battle the U.S. military has often called on the help of some highly skilled 4-legged friends. Trained military dogs have had important roles including everything from security to bomb removal to comforting vets with PTSD. One smaller charity that’s providing a great service to these military dogs is the Warrior Dog Foundation.

To donate to the Warrior Dog Foundation follow this link: Donate to the Warrior Dog Foundation

Gallant Few
This is a fine organization that is doing some great charity work for veterans with a focus that is near and dear to our hearts – helping vets who are U.S. Army Rangers. Sadly many Rangers face adjustment difficulties after serving in combat operations. This group helps the adjustment process and a whole lot more (click here for more about Gallant Few).
This is a small charity doing big things and they need our support. Donate here