Articles on Leadership by Leading Concepts

Effective Delegation Saves Time, yet Initially it Requires Time
  • Delegation is the process of entrusting a task or a part of a task to others.
  • Know what cannot be delegated – make sure you properly assess the task and the level of competency, confidentiality, and commitment required to complete the given task SUCCESSFULLY. Do not put yourself or any of your Team in a position where they cannot succeed. Remember: Failure can be successful if learning occurs.

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Project Planning – Missions, Projects, Tasks, and Goals


  • You can only count on luck to achieve so much. For the rest of your goals and objectives you must learn to plan effectively. No mission, project, task, or goal is ever achieved to its fullest without a good plan.
  • Before you can create a plan you must first have a Vision and recognize where you want to go. Your Vision of where you want to go and what you want to achieve, is the focal point of your plan.

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