Outdoor Team Building in Autumn

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Outdoor Team Building

Autumn is here. The weather in Kentucky / Indiana is a comfortable 65-70f. It’s getting a bit more chilly at night but nothing major. No fear! Our outdoor team building classes are still running right up until the end of October. The nice thing about team building outdoors is that you get to experience the fresh air and sunshine while taking part in activities that are more interactive than an office setting ever could be. While our accommodations at Leading Concepts are certainly not plush – they are conducive to developing team building skills through the combination of close quarters and spartan living conditions. Certain social barriers between co-workers start to breakdown when you are in a new environment or involved with a new experience. When your team has both a new environment and a new positive learning experience together a lasting bond develops.

After all, you may know your co-worker from 100 team meetings in the conference room but let’s face it one night roughing it in the great outdoors is equal to 500 team meetings in a plush conference room. Give outdoor team building a try and get some fresh air!

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