Leadership and Team Building – Ranger Style

When defeat is not an option, how do you create victory? Our Leadership and Team Building workshops prepare managers and teams to succeed in today’s complex, competitive climate. Proven in combat by Special Operations Ranger Teams and perfected for the corporate Business Battlefield since 1993, Leading Concepts (LC) has perfected an approach to corporate Leadership and Team building that gives your team the edge in battle.

  • The results are incredibly fast!
  • The performance sustaining!
  • The methods time-tested!

With LC, your managers learn to lead by leading, build confidence working under stress & pressure, and master the art of team building when the stakes are high! Cross-functional Teams are challenged and succeed together. They learn to communicate effectively & efficiently in real-world situations. Leading Concepts’ proven track record and expert instructors, including Dean Hohl co-author of “Rangers Lead The Way – The Army Rangers’ Guide To Leading Your Organization Through Chaos”, ensure you’re prepared to meet any business challenge. We’ll guarantee it!

Leading Concepts is teaching our leaders how to guide a team to success, and how to improve our ability to function as a team. We have learned more about ourselves and other team members as individuals, so we can better relate to how and why each person functions the way they do within the team. Harry Pelle

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My Leading Concepts Experience

My Experience at LC’s Leadership Training Course  by Jay Rice The year was 2006 and I was managing a team of people in my role as CEO for the U.S. division of a European camera manufacturer. At that time I was looking for an interesting leadership training…

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Leadership Boot Camp: Employee Retention

Leadership Boot Camp: Associate Retention What Would You Do To Keep One Person In Your Organization? From June 1981 to Dec 1983 I was a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, GA the home of the Infantry. Each cycle of soldiers that came through numbered roughly 250…

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Characteristics of Good Teams

Are you on a good team? Despite how great you may be at your specific role, success in a team environment requires a good team. Poor teams rarely accomplish their mission, beat their numbers, win games, or succeed at their chosen endeavor. But, the obvious question…

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Unique Leadership Development Program: Lessons from Ranger School

Shane Dozier shares one of his unique leadership experiences from Ranger School: The Outward Bound alternative.

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Leadership and Team Building

Leading In A Disruptive Environment Imagine it’s after midnight, pitch black dark and you’re flying off the Gulf Coast in the back of a blacked-out CH-47 helicopter with seven Special Forces team-mates. The tailgate is down on the chopper and you’re lined up four to a…

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